Task 2:  P,B & J Production Line

In class, we will be completing a simulation looking at the concept of the production line.  In our novel, the population of the World State has embraced Henry Ford as their messiah,  and the production line used to create his Model T as their model for efficiency in society.

Read the article
here, to develop an understanding of the background of the production line as implemented by Ford.

Preparing for the Simulation

To understand how a production line works, you will be participating in a simulation.  This simulation will divide the class up into various roles, which will be assigned the day of the simulation.  In preparation for the simulation, please review the tasks each of the roles will complete to ensure that the production line runs smoothly.

 Roles and tasks can be found

Simulation Debriefing

You have taken part in a production line. What did you think?  Complete the following acitivity sheet in preparation for the class discussion on the simulation.

The activity sheet can be found