Creating a Personal Manifesto

Through this curriculum web, you have examined many issues presented by the text Brave New World and the social issues project lesson plans taught by your classmates.  Now is your opportunity to express your beliefs about the world after the research you have completed and the discussions we have had in class.

This culminating activity has you create a manifesto, a public declaration of principles and intentions, often political in nature, but which can incorporate religious and life stance beliefs.

Review the definition of manifesto and examine at least one manifesto for each of the subtopics at Wikipedia, located here.  The three areas for the manifestos are politics, art, and technology.

Then examine at least two more at  There are many titles on various subjects to interest you.  After you have reviewed them, answer the following questions.
          1.  What was the main purpose for the author writing the manifesto? 
          2.  What were two major points the author chose to focus on in the manifesto?
          3.  What support did the author give for their opinion about those points?     

Your Own Manifesto

Now that you have had a chance to examine various different types of manifestos, it is your turn to create your own.  For this, you will be self selecting topics within the three areas of focus from this unit: government, media, and technology.  In addition, you must choose at least one other area of focus from the categories of art,  religion, society, self expression, or personal belief.

You will create a series of webpages using using the username and password distributed in class.  Please check the rubric to be sure you incorporate all of the required elements in your glog.

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