Task 2:  PB & J Challenge


Below is a list of the various jobs necessary to complete the challenge.  Please review the roles.  Which would you like to do? Which would you not? Why?

Role:  Line Worker

Your job is to construct sandwiches during your allotted shift.  You will have only one task in the completion of constructing the sandwiches.  As a team, break down sandwich construction into various jobs, which may include:  bread remover, peanut butter applier, jelly applier, sandwich creator, and sandwich slicer.  Think about what each job entails and be prepared to fulfill all the tasks necessary to get your job done. 

Role:  Maintenance Worker

Your job is to maintain the work area.  To begin, you will clean the area to ensure there is no contamination of the product.  During the allotted shift, your task is to continue to maintain the cleanliness of the work area.  Wages will be deducted from all workers on the team for unclean work areas.

Role:  Quality Control

Your job is to check each sandwich for quality.  Are the bread pieces aligned? Is the peanut butter and jelly inside the bread and not on the outside?  Is the sandwich cut equally into squares?  Are the sandwiches arranged properly on the tray?

Role:  Timer

Your job is to provide your team with remaining time in the challenge.  How much time do they have left before their shift ends?

Role:  Supervisor

Your job is to ensure that the team is completing all their tasks appropriately, and within quality control limits.  In addition, you need to push your team to reach the goal in the allotted shift time.

Role:  Evaluator

Your job is to evaluate the process of the assembly line and note strengths and weaknesses of each team.  What worked? What didn't work? What would you change?

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