Task 1:  Hello Dolly WebQuest

One of the novel's major themes is the idea that human cloning would greatly impact society.  For example, the novel envisions a society where humans are genetically engineered to be the perfect worker for the various jobs needed for society to run smoothly.  Then, after creating the perfect worker, that worker would be cloned to ensure that society would receive maximum production from the template.  In fact, Epsilons, one of the lowest caste members of society, could be cloned 96 times to ensure that whole factories could be outfitted with workers that all functioned at the same level!

For this task, you will be analyzing the issue of cloning in our world.  How close are we to achieving the feats that Huxley imagined over 70 years ago?  Let's find out.  Click here to see a report on human cloning.  To access the video, click here.

Next, complete the webquest Hello Dolly with your learning team.  Your team has three days to prepare your report before you present it to the Senate committee on cloning.  Check the classroom wiki board for your assigned topic.

To begin, click here to access the
Hello Dolly WebQuest.