Creating Your Personal Manifesto -- Activities List

Complete the following activities:

     1.  Review the manifestos through Wikipedia to develop an understanding
          of how manifestos work.

     2.  Complete the activity at, answering the three questions
          for two chosen manifestos.

     3.  Choose two areas that you will focus on for your manifesto.  This is a
          revision from the original assignment due to the time limitations of the
          quarter since the snow days impacted the calendar.

      4.  For each issue, complete the following:
            a.  Summarize the issue.  What is the main points of contention within
                  the issue?

            b.  State your position.  What do you believe about the

            c.  Support your position.  Why do you believe what you do? Be sure 
                  to reference at least two outside academic sources to support
                  your opinion.
      5.  Publish your manifesto.  Create a website using to
            publish your beliefs.  You should create a series of interlinked web
            pages to complete this requirement.  Include:

            a.      Cover page that includes your name, the areas you are 
                      including in your manifesto, linked to the appropriate pages.  
                      This should be graphic, so include a picture, clipart, or other
                      image.  Remember that the graphics will need citations if you
                      did not take the images yourself.  These citations will be 
                      included in the bibliography page.

            b.     A page for each of your manifesto topics.  This page should be 
                    organized with headings for each of the subtopics mentioned
                    in #4.  Again, include graphics to add interest to the page.

           c.      A page for the bibliography, with references for each of the 
                    graphics used, and each of the research support materials used.