Instructional Plan

This curriculum web uses a variety of groupings for completion of activities, including cooperative groups, teams, and individual.

Task 1:  Hello Dolly Webquest

Teachers should assign students to groups of four or five.  This activity asks students to complete research about cloning given a specific lens.  The students will need three to four days in a computer lab setting to accomplish the tasks set forth in the webquest.

Students will be creating a persuasive product at the end of the activity, attempting to convince a senate subcommittee(the peers of their classroom) about their lens' views on the issue of cloning in reference to ammending the current national bill.  Students will need to consider what role the government should have within the area of cloning, what types of cloning should be condoned, and possible consequences to their proposed bill changes.

Task 2:  P,B & J Simulation

This simulation places the class into two teams who will attempt to create peanut butter and jelly sandwiches using an assembly line.  Each student should be assigned a team and a role when they enter the classroom.  This can be accomplished by distributing two colored sets of role cards as students enter for the day.  Each team is  then given supplies:  a jar of peanut butter, a jar of jelly, a loaf of bread, napkins, knives and a plate.

Students are given three minutes to create the most sandwiches possible, while still maintaining quality.  Allow students 2-5 minutes to prepare their assembly line before the simulation begins.

At the completion of the activity, the teacher (in the role of quality control director) assesses the sandwiches for the stated quality criteria, only giving credit to the teams that meet the high quality standards.  Sandwiches are disqualified for having peanut butter or jelly on the outside of the bread, not having the two bread slices aligned, not being cut evenly, or any other quality issues the teacher would like to use.

After students complete the simulation, they should return to the curriculum web to complete the follow up activity in preparation for the next day's debriefing discussion.

Task 3:  Building a Utopia

Students are placed again in cooperative groups of four or five to complete their webquest on Utopian society.  Students will research aspects of society as introduced by the novel, and determine what changes need to be made to create the perfect place. 

At the conclusion of the research, students will be creating a website with their proposed utopian society, ultimately persuading the world state that their ideas should be incorporated into the society.

Concluding Activity:  A Personal Manifesto

After completing the various curriculum web activities and participating in the classroom activities analyzing Brave New World, students will create their personal manifesto, which they will publish in a glog.  This manifesto asks students to view the issues from class and determine their personal opinions on various aspects of society. 

To accomplish this, students will self select issues within the areas of government, technology, and media and research at least two positions on each issue.  They will then write their own viewpoint on these issues and publish them on their glog.

Finally, students will choose at least two additional issues from the secondary grouping of societal topics and complete the same activity.

Students will post their completed glogs.  Finally, as an additional assessment, students will review and comment on at least three peer glogs, focusing on clarifying their understanding of position.

Materials List

The following materials are used in this curriculum web:

Task 1
Hello Dolly Webquest at
Access to computer lab computers with internet access.
Access to PowerPoint

Task 2
Anticipatory reading at
Roles Handout
Quality control Handout
Follow -up Questions
Access to computer with internet access.

Task 3
Build Your Utopia at
Access to computer lab computers with internet access.
Access to, a web page creation site.

Concluding Activity
Access to computer lab computers with internet access.
Access to with teacher account and created student class.

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